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Main Reasons of Weight Gain and treatment

Main Reasons of Weight Gain and treatment

Today everyone is worried about their weight gain. Main Reasons of Weight Gain and treatment is given now. Especially women are so much depressed about their weight gain problem. Every girl and women want to look perfect and beautiful. There are many reasons of weight gain. In this article, we give the reasons of weight gain and its treatment. Many hormones imbalance is also responsible for weight gain. Main Reasons of Weight Gain and treatment are given below.


Weight gain reasons

Lack of Thyroid Hormone

There are many reasons of weight gain. One of them is the deficiency of thyroid gland. In the neck, thyroid hormone is present which produces T3 and T4 calcitonin. In our body thyroid hormone control metabolism rate, develop our brain and balance and sleep and heart rate. The deficiency of thyroid leads to weight gain, depression, cause constipation, heart rate becomes very slow.

Thyroid gland deficiency


Treatment of thyroid hormone

Treatment of thyroid hormone is given below.

  • Proper Test your Thyroid hormone and check the report to your doctor.
  • Always eat a healthy food, and good cook food.
  • Take medicine of thyroid hormone deficiency if doctor recommend you
  • Use iodized salt.
  • Take the vitamin D supplements.
  • Use the oil of fish in your diet.


Insulin is a hormone that secreted by the pancreas. The insulin control blood sugar level in our body.Deficiency of this hormone leads to disease in our body which is called diabetes. This disease is very common nowadays.

Treatment of Insulin

  • Check your sugar level regularly basis and see the report to the doctor.
  • Always take food which is in high nutrition but have low calorie.
  • Avoid eating snacks artificial sweetened drinks and alcohol.
  • Use olive oil in your diet, nuts, use fatty fish to balance omega 3 fatty acids in your body
  • Use leafy vegetables, fruits and an excessive amount of water.

Use of Fiber

Deficiency of fiber results a weight gain. We must choose a diet in which fiber is present. In a salad, fiber is present in more amount. Not only fiber is responsible for weight loss but also gives a feeling of fullness and you feel like you eat much.

Fiber rich diet


One of the main reason of weight gain is depression. Women take too much depression and in this situation, they take excessive chocolates and snacks. The result is a gain of weight.

Reasons of depression

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Lack of sleep

One main cause of weight gain is a lack of sleep. Deprived of sleep change the hormonal level and you feel hungry. When u feel hunger you eat more that results in gain weight.

Deficiency of fatty acids

Not all fats are bad for your health. Fatty acids are good for your body as it controls the metabolism rate in your body. OMEGA 3 and OMEGA 6 are in fatty acids.

Take a healthy food

Always take healthy food. Natural things are used like fruits and vegetables. Avoid from snacks and chocolates. Eat protein in diet like eggs, fish, and chicken etc. Dry fruits are also good for health.

Healthy food pics


During pregnancy, women take extra calorie which their not needs. Take the food in which water is more like juices and salads etc. Take solid things but in balance. Women during pregnancy take too much diet which is high in calorie but less in nutrients.so be careful in choosing your diet.

Tips to reduce weight

Control Birth rate

Mostly women take pills to control the birth of a baby. The use of contraceptives causes the result of weight gain.

Medicine pills


People in depression use medicine without the prescription of doctor this will result in weight gain.


You must do exercise on daily basis. The walk is best for all the exercises. As researchers prove that when you do walk on daily basis hormones secrets which keep you happy all the day. Do exercise daily and eat healthy food.

Main Reasons of weight gain and treatment






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