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Reasons of Hair Loss in Women

Reasons of Hair Loss in Women

Reasons for hair loss in women nowadays is a very common problem.Reasons of Hair Loss in Women is given. Every men and woman today are suffering from it.Excessive use of local shampoos damages our hair. Diet also plays a major role in the growth of hair. We must be taken care of our diet. We must use fruits and vegetables in our diet.in this article, we give you the reasons and causes of hair loss and remedy of this. Girls and women are very worried about hair fall. Now we give you the solution of this.Reasons of Hair Loss in Women is given below.


Reasons for Hair Loss

There are many reasons for hair loss. Now we discuss the reasons one by one.

Remedy of hair loss

Hereditary Problem

There is a various problem of hair loss one of them is a hereditary problem. Hair loss is genetically problem also. The hormone can be entered either through mother or father side.Dermatologists check through tests the reason of hair loss.


Deficiency of Thyroid Hormone

The other reason of hair loss in women is a deficiency of Thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone plays a vital role in our body. It performs many functions in our body. Thyroid hormone performs a basal metabolic function in our body. When the required amount is not reached to our body, the changes occur in our body and badly affected by the deficiency of this.

Best remedy to avoid from hair loss

Iron Deficiency

One of the reasons of hair loss is a deficiency of iron. Deficiency of iron is very common in women.to avoid from this deficiency women must take iron rich fruits and vegetables. Iron rich tablets are also available in the market.You should take the iron tablets by the prescription of the doctor.Iodine is necessary for thyroid formation.there is a chart given below for formation of the thyroid.


Iron Rich Diet for avoid hair fall

Do Not Take Stress

The reason for hair loss is to take the stress. Women and girls take so much stress this is the major cause of hair loss. Women must relax their mind to avoid from that.

Reasons of Hair Loss in Women


Straitening the Hair

The other reason of hair loss is extra straitening the hair. We should not use a straightener. Hair loss can be avoided by not using the straightener.

Tips to avoid hair loss

After Pregnancy

Mostly women face hair loss after childbirth. Hormones became improper after the birth of a child. This is temporary after some time the problem is solved.

Use the best oil

We must be the best oil to avoid from hair fall. Best oil like coconut and olive oil.Coconut oil only is used in winters but olive oil you can use in all seasons.

Deficiency of Protein

One cause of loss hair fall is a deficiency of protein. We must take protein rich diet to avoid from this. Protein enrich diet are eggs, fish, chicken, and milk etc.

Reasons of hair loss

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